Build Vocabulary Quickly

A good vocabulary comes handy when you want to interact with other people, increase your knowledge of a topic, or snag a coveted job. Most people who appear self-confident are also articulate and are able to express what they want to say using exactly the right words.

We're sure you want to be one of those people who can draw confidence from their deep knowledge of English vocabulary. But what if your current vocabulary skills are not enough to help you move forward in your education, career, or social life? What can you do to improve your vocabulary quickly?

The process of building vocabulary is not reserved for English majors and academic scholars alone. Anyone can build their vocabulary with ease, given the right techniques. If you want to do make progress and gain that self-confidence, here are some of the techniques you should consider trying.

Use Vocabulary Software and Tools

Since the advent of the computer, there has been a rapid progress in learning. Anyone can learn a new language in a matter of months. The simple act of advancing in vocabulary skills can take as little as a week with the help of software and online tools. The number of new words you learn each day depends on the time you have to study, but we recommend setting a goal of learning at least 10 per day. Once you've learned the words, make it a point to use them whenever you are interacting with others or when you are writing. You can find software that you can download to your smartphone to help you in this. With mobile technology you can study vocabulary anytime and anywhere. Look into vocabulary software reviews like this to have a clear overview of software products you can choose from to help you in increasing your vocabulary quickly.

Read More

Reading is power. Reading materials such as books and magazines offer a cornucopia of words that might have eluded you in the past. Make a conscious effort to single out the words that you are not familiar with and to understand how they are used in the sentence. Don't just look up the meaning of the words in the dictionary. Try determining the meaning of the word first by getting some clues in the sentence. Learn by word association.

You can also write the words down on a piece of paper. You might want to carry a small notepad with you for this purpose. Jot down the words you have accumulated from the magazines and books you have read and check out their meanings at the end of the day.

Play Word Games

Word games are valuable techniques that can speed up vocabulary building. You can build vocabulary in a matter of minutes if you play these games. Crossword puzzles, word search games, and even fill-in-the-blank games can be a great way to increase your word lists. Board games such as Scrabble and Boggle are also great tools to build vocabulary.

Read Blogs And Literary Pieces

Literary works such as essays and books are overflowing with creative words. If you want to quickly build your vocabulary, simply check out the essays, short stories or poems written by the many fine authors who write in the English language. You can also frequently find good translations of works written in other languages. Take note of the authors' interesting take on the words and how the simplest words can be used in the most attractive ways.

The most important part about vocabulary improvement is application and dedication. Not everything stays in your memory forever unless you've devoted time to forming solid connections. You'll find it harder to remember the words you have memorized if you don't fully understand them. You have to go beyond memorizing and truly understand how the words are used in context. That way, using those words will come naturally to you in the future.

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