Find Vocabulary Words That Are Relevant To You

Studies have shown that when it comes to word building, the best way to learn more words is to start with the ones that are most relevant to you. If a word has a particular relevance to a certain situation that has occurred in your life, you can recall it easily. In fact, focusing on these words produces quicker and more efficient results.

Start finding relevant words to build vocabulary. Even if the words do not have relevance to your current situation, you can try recalling some events in the past and associate the words with those events and history.

Start With Your Hobbies And Interests

An easy way to find your first group of vocabulary words is by determining your hobbies and interests. If you like playing badminton, you can associate the sport with action verbs such as whacking and jumping. Words like competitive, adrenaline and vitality can also be associated with this sport.

If you like reading historical books, associate it with the words old, dingy, ancient, classic or vintage. Those who are into fashion can associate the interest with the words beautiful, elegant, dramatic, colorful, garish, flashy and kitschy. If you like gadgets, you can learn the terms expensive, upscale, modern, advanced, multi-functional or high-end.

The bottom line is that you can find a multitude of words associated with your most common hobbies and interests, and that it's easier to remember these words if you associate them with the things you like doing most.

Connect Words To Your Characteristics

How are you going to describe yourself? By simply answering this question, you will learn a lot of words that can be useful. If you are more active during the night, you might find the term nocturnal quite relevant. If you tend to get hungry all the time, you might relate to the term voracious.

You can also use other people you know as examples. If you have a friend who is always cheerful and upbeat, you can relate the words animated and effervescent to them. If your officemate is someone who always spreads rumors, the word gossipmonger might come in handy!

Associate Words With Actions

You can also build vocabulary through actions. In fact, it is much easier to remember words when you are acting them. You can describe someone who always walks silently as stealthy or describe someone who argues a lot as contentious. Someone who appears to be thinking can also be described as mulling or pondering.

Know The Synonyms Of Commonly Used Words

Want to build vocabulary quickly? Then list the words that you know already, and find their synonyms. You will be amazed on how many words you find that are actually closely associated with the words that you already know.

The simple word small actually has a lot of synonyms, including minute, tiny, miniscule and petite. Someone who is loud can also be exuberant, lively, energetic or aggressive. Something that is beautiful can also be breathtaking, amazing, stunning or striking. There may be some minor differences to the words but more often than not, they can be used to substitute for the original word, giving you more expressive words to use in many situations.

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