What Are The Activities For Learning Vocabulary?

Expanding your vocabulary is essential if you want to increase your competence and if you want to speed up the pace of your learning in any topic. Comprehension is easier if you have a broad knowledge of English vocabulary.

There is a multitude of ways to build vocabulary, and you just have to find the activities that are most suitable for your learning needs. Find a method that you are most comfortable using. Here are some common activities that can help you build vocabulary:

One Word Per Hour

Install software on your computer or smartphone that will pull up random words from a word bank and then send them to you as a "word of the hour." If you are using it 15 hours a day, you are looking at learning 15 words a day. Once you have gotten the word for the hour, be sure you take the time to understand its meaning and uses.

Spend the hour practicing using the word and incorporating it in the sentences you are writing or saying. You can resume this activity until you get the next word. At the end of the day, recall all the words you have learned and try creating an essay using these words.

Word Badminton Using Synonyms

Gather a group of people together and sit in a circle. Get a small ball. Now think of a simple word. The task is to find as many words closely associated with the simple word as possible. Pass the ball around to each person, and if that person fails to give a synonym, he or she will have to get out of the circle until one winner emerges. You can keep a list of the words used so that everyone playing the game has that list for future reference.


The game of Scrabble has been around for many years, but it is still one of the most effective ways to get your mind creatively thinking about vocabulary. It helps you come up with words using the letters you have on your rack. It helps pull up interesting words from your brain. It also allows you to strategize and find the best way to arrange your words instead of just coming up with obvious words.

Draw Pictures Or Act

Charades is another game that has been played for generations. Act out the word and let the other players guess what word it is. Give clues like the beginning letter of the word or how many syllables it has. You can also draw pictures that represent the word. Divide the words into syllables and see if you can draw pictures that represent each syllable so others can connect them and form one word.

It is always easier to remember words if there are pictures that go with it. This will often make recollection easier for people who relate better to images than to text. When studying words, use printed pictures to depict the word or draw a small sketch in your vocabulary journal to help you recall the word's meaning or its use in context.

Build vocabulary and turn these activities into fun and exciting games at the same time, and entertain your friends, your children, and yourself while improving everyone's vocabulary skills.

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