How To Memorize Words Easily

There are always words available to describe things, activities, occasions or people, but if you don't know them or can't remember them, they won't do you any good. Comprehension and self-expression can be hampered by the lack of vocabulary words. It is important to have a lot of words stashed in your brain so you can express yourself in a very eloquent and articulate manner.

We understand that memorizing words can be a bit difficult, especially when you're dealing with words you haven't encountered yet or words that you can't relate to. But don't worry, because there are many ways for you to recall them with ease.

Connect The Word To A Mental Image

What does that word remind you of? What images come to your mind when you hear the words serene, fragile, confused, agitated or anxious? What mental image do you attach to the words nocturnal, bipolar and global ?

There are always images that pop in your mind whenever you encounter words that you know. If you don't have a mental image associated with a new word, look the meaning up in the dictionary and try to create an image. Hold on to that mental image so you can immediately recall the word when you need to later.

Write the Word Down

In the case of many people, writing the word down frequently can help increase recollection. It helps you understand the structure of the word and how it is written down. You can also use this time to examine the word closely and separate it into its root, suffix or prefix. That way, you can understand the meaning behind each syllable to better understand the meaning of the word as a whole.

Say It Repeatedly

It doesn't matter if you sound like a parrot in training. Saying a word out loud frequently can train your brain to recall it through its sound. You can also associate the word with other words that sound like it. This will allow you to see the differences in the words with similar sounds such as poor and pour, leave and live, hill and heel and so on. Some words also have almost similar spelling and pronunciation but have very different meanings; by practicing saying them repeatedly and using them in sentences, it will help you identify them easily.

Use Acronyms

This method words well in recalling long sentences for a test. It should also work well if you are trying to recall words to build vocabulary. For instance if you are trying to learn the synonyms of one word, arrange all its synonyms in such a way the first letters form a familiar word. Use the familiar word to recall each of the synonyms.

Associate The Word With Something That Is Relevant To You

You have higher chances of recalling words if they are relevant to you. For instance, you encounter the word melancholy , think about the time when you felt this emotion and associate the word with the scenario. It is easy to recall words if you attach them to feelings, events, characteristics and interests.

You can build vocabulary if you take it slowly but surely. Do not inundate your brain with a lot of words at once or you will immediately forget the words you learned before. Take your time in understanding the meaning of each word you encounter.

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